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Mea’ Sharim: A Food Tour with a Twist

When I see the words food tour I immediately forget myself and become hungry. When I signed up for this one in particular I did not read the fine print or maybe it was just that I had no idea what Mea’ Sharim really was.

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Elephant Tattoos in Capetown

Sometimes when I travel I feel like I am having life defining moments. I can feel things changing inside of me and also in the world. I went to Capetown just before major bombshells were dropped in my life and now I can see how much certain things meant. Continue reading Elephant Tattoos in Capetown

Nashville to Memphis

I already had the pleasure of spending time in Memphis about a decade ago and knew it was the kind of city I wanted to return to. However I was itching to get to Nashville. As a huge fan of country music I was excited to see all the places I had heard about.

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Top 6 Things in Manila

Manila is a crowed, busy city. It is dirty and energetic. It is poor and rich. It is old and it is brand spanking new. It is a contradiction with in itself. I enjoyed every minute I spent there.

There are so many things to do in this city. Here is a list of my favorite things I did. Continue reading Top 6 Things in Manila

2016: Year End Review

2016 was really good to me but is ending on a sad note. This was the first year I really thought I might be able to become a digital nomad. A goal that until a two years ago I didn’t think was possible for me. Continue reading 2016: Year End Review