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Top 6 Things in Manila

Manila is a crowed, busy city. It is dirty and energetic. It is poor and rich. It is old and it is brand spanking new. It is a contradiction with in itself. I enjoyed every minute I spent there.

There are so many things to do in this city. Here is a list of my favorite things I did. Continue reading Top 6 Things in Manila

The Best of the French Quarter

Obviously the French Quarter is known for Bourbon Street. Besides Hurricane’s ( the drink that is) and heaps of multi colored beads there are lot of reason’s to head down to the famed area. These are my suggestions for exploring the French Quarter. Continue reading The Best of the French Quarter

Top 5 things about Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico was a price shock after spending a few weeks in Thailand. The economy is in turmoil and the people are suffering. The inflation is high and poverty is following behind it. They are in a hole they can’t dig themselves out of alone. This is why you should go spend your money in Puerto Rico. Tourism can really help the economy of a country. Continue reading Top 5 things about Puerto Rico

Flavors of San Juan

Food is my favorite part of any trip. I willingly eat my way thru any country I am in.

Puerto Rico proved to be a great eating vacation and it all started with a food tour of Old San Juan.

Flavors of San Juan Food and Culture Tours invited me along  on a beautiful sunny day in December for some culinary magic. Continue reading Flavors of San Juan

7 Favorite Things About Portland

I am so backed up on Thailand posts that I forgot all about the posts I wanted to do about Portland. I love doing my round up posts on my favorite things about each city I go to.

I loved everything about Portland. It was the first time I went to another city in the US and thought ” I could live here forever”. Unfortunately I have fastened roots to NY. Don’t get me wrong I love living on Long Island. It is the best of everything, the beach, the city, suburbia…but Portland is such a cool city. Continue reading 7 Favorite Things About Portland

Thailand: Buffalo Street Food Tour

The more food tours I do the more I am convinced that there is no better way to learn about where you are and who the locals are then to eat what they eat. Whether it is a scorpion or a dumpling, the kind of food people eat is representative of their culture, their surroundings and a lot of times their economic beginnings. Continue reading Thailand: Buffalo Street Food Tour

2015: End of the Year Travel Recap

This year has flown by. Looking ahead I see the same thing happening again. I both love and hate it. It is exhilarating to have so much to look forward to but also makes you want to be able to reach out and hold onto something. Continue reading 2015: End of the Year Travel Recap

Beyond Broadway : Walking Tour

I try to spend most weekends trapzing around NYC. Sometimes I hear about things I want to explore and sometimes I happen upon them by accident. I got offered a spot on Urban Adventures Beyond Broadway tour. Continue reading Beyond Broadway : Walking Tour

Top 7 Favorite Things About Hanoi

Hanoi is hectic. It is loud and congested. Through out the day traffic is crazy, everyone is out on the streets selling, buying or hustling and you can here the buzz from the phone wires about your head all day long. Why is this a reason to love Hanoi? The city just seems so alive. It seems so intense. Continue reading Top 7 Favorite Things About Hanoi