Why I Want to be a Travel Blogger

In August I attended my first blogging conference TBU in Nantes, France. It was an exciting and nerve racking experience. It thankfully was a small conference, perfect for a first timer like me trying to break into the large world of travel blogging. Talk about intimidating! Continue reading Why I Want to be a Travel Blogger

Mendoza: Argentina’s Wine Region

Although it was June when I went to Argentina, Buenos Aires was unseasonably warm. Most days I did not even need a jacket. After spending about a week in the city we ventured out ( by over night bus) to Mendoza. The wine capital of Argentina!

Continue reading Mendoza: Argentina’s Wine Region

Just a Few Reasons to Love Brussels

My most recent trip to Europe was a sudden last minute decision with not a lot of time to plan. A good friend of mine is living in London and I went to visit her.  We wanted to do a weekend trip somewhere and looking at a map I thought “Hey Belgium is close!” Then I set out to plan a four day trip as fast as possible. Continue reading Just a Few Reasons to Love Brussels