St. Christopher’s: A Great Hostel Experience

I love booking hostels.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the comforts of a hotel, the amenities, someone else cleaning up after me. But there is just something about picking out a hostel that excites me. Maybe because when you stay in one it starts to feel like home for the week. It can make or break the city you stay in. Sure you’re not spending a lot of time in your room but it is nice to have some where cozy to come back to. It is great to have a friendly atmosphere and a bar to hang out in.



If you look at hotel prices in the cityyou are easily looking at upwards of 100 Euro a night. With prices like that how can you afford to do anything else? My instinct was to look up St Christopher’s, they have two locations in Paris and I had stayed in one before when I was in Edinburgh so I knew what I was getting myself into. However the one in Paris far exceeded what I stayed in while in Scotland. Out of the two in Paris there is the Gare De Nord and the Canal. I wanted to stay on the water and at about 40 Euro a night I was happy.

I never pick a hostel room with more then 6 people if I can help it. The dorms were very spacious and each bed had its own reading light and curtain for privacy. This excites me. I love to read before bed with out bothering everyone. Let me also add that the larger dorms are cheaper then the price I paid so it’s up to you how much you want to pay.

There was an in room sink but the bathrooms were down the hall. Which was fine with me because they had plenty of stalls and the showers were roomy and had good shelf space and hooks for your clothes and sundry items. Nothing makes me more mad then when you have a tiny cubicle to shower in and everything you bring in gets you wet. Well, nothing makes me more mad then that and when I have to take cold showers, which I did not.


Downstairs there was a lively bar and with a restaurant. They had drinks specials and 20% off your food for anyone staying in the hostel. Saving a few dollars on a meal is always a good thing. A great place to meet people and that’s what I am looking for when I am on the road. Every night they had a different event going on like Pub Quiz’s or a band playing. Later on they turned the basement into a club. It got packed and not just with hostel guests. Both the club and the restaurant attracted people from all over.

Besides all of this wonderful stuff that goes along with staying here the price of the hostel also includes free unlimited¬†Wi-Fi and free breakfast. Unlimited Wi-Fi is amazing especially when I need to post articles or pictures. It saves me time and money when I don’t have to find a place that has unlimited Internet. Who can pass up free food?

This is also another great time and money saver.

I wake up, roll out of bed and immediately get my caffeine and fuel for the day, instead of having to hunt it down.

Right after this trip I looked up all the cities I could stay at a St. Christopher’s. They have about 20 hostels all over Europe. I recommend trying them out. If you are looking for a quality hostel, at reasonable prices with great amenities St. Christopher’s is perfect!