Travel: Is a Nomadic Life Worth it?

Over the past 10 years travel has become a consistent part of my life. I am so used to being on the go that when I am home for long periods of time I often feel out of sorts. I itch to plan my next trip and I always yearn to be somewhere I am not.

I understand that although this feeling is felt by others it is rare. I look at my family and friends. Their lives are filled with a comforting routine. Mine is very often not. They know they will be home for birthdays, family gatherings and holidays. I do not. As much as I plan ahead for my trips I am also given to whim.
 I spent decades building close relationships with people and having
such a great social life only to be consistently trying to be somewhere else now. Honestly I never feel more alive then when I am on the road in a foreign land.
Not to say I don’t love being home. Being gone so much makes me appreciate home more. It makes me really enjoy the time I spend with my friends and family. This year has had me on the road more than ever. Each time I go away I love home a little more but I also love the road more. Amping up the travel has only made me want to travel more.
It is however tough on a relationship. You can get away with not seeing your friends but when you are dating someone you kind of have to see them. If your dating someone who doesnt want to go with you what do you do? Choose between your love for the road or your love for them? Doesn’t seem fair to me. Is it fair to leave someone behind all the time?
Here’s the big one: I DON’T WANT KIDS. People hate to hear this. They insist I will change my mind. They don’t understand that having kids doesn’t doesn’t fulfill everyone. I don’t feel empty. I feel happy. I am excited for everything the world has to offer and that doesn’t include kids for me.
My goal is to live in at least two other countries at some point in my life.  Travel is an addiction I can’t see giving up. To me it is worth giving up a conventional lifestyle. I don’t want a full time job, I want to write. I don’t want kids, I want to be on the road. I don’t want to settle down, I want to explore.
Travel is my great love.


  • SO much ‘Yes!’ in this article even though I absolutely want to have children.
    It is interesting how some people seem to forget the magnitude of responsibility that comes along with raising a defenseless little human being versus having a child for their entertainment or pleasure.
    Keep learning on that road!

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