Travel : A Letter of Encouragement to Myself

This post is selfish. You might not want to read it. It is a letter to myself to help me get thru a break up of sorts. I am making a huge life decision. Everything will be shifting and right now I am both exhilarated and frightened. I need to keep reassuring myself that I am making the right decision.

I know it doesn’t sound that scary especially because I have two or three. During the week I work in radio. It is something I never considered until a few years ago and I love it so much. The pay is not great but the experiences and people I work with are.
My second job is serving. I have been in the restaurant industry for half of my life and my entire working life. I started just before senior year of high school, went all thru college and then never stopped. I have worked two jobs for as long as I can remember, sometimes two serving jobs. The wear and tear on my already rickety hip has become irreversible.
Now almost 16 years later I will be leaving the serving industry. Yikes, that’s a long time!

quit ur job

Those physical problems I have been talking about are only going to get worse. I need to rest my body if I want to be able to keep up my life of travel. I am not recovering as quickly as I used to, even from my short shifts.

My sanity is a big reason. Wasting time and energy on a company who doesn’t treat their employees very well and stressing about a place that in the end isn’t getting me where I want to go. It is time to let go of that negativity.
Maybe the most important reason is I will never be a full time writer if I don’t have the time to write. 60 hours + a week I am either at the radio station or inside the restaurant. I can’t keep up with my blog, my social life or my house. I need days off. I don’t even know what those are anymore. I sometimes go three weeks with no time off. Mostly I do it to myself. I am a bit of a workaholic.
I don’t know anything else. I have been serving for so long it feels so much a part of who I am. Maybe that sounds crazy but it was my “career” and I am good at it. I love my co workers, my regulars and the social aspect of my job.
The money is so hard to give up. It is also the scariest part. Giving up the money to free lance, it feels so risky. In order to be able to travel I need to keep a certain income.
But I know what I want and where I see myself. Travel and writing is what I want. It makes me inexplicably happy. I want to spend my time doing that.
Sort of! I will be picking up more hours at the radio station, which will help.
 I will be spending my down time writing, working on my blog and social media accounts.
I will have time to take day trips and spend time in the city.
I will have time to sleep and rest my leg.
I will be less stressed.
I will be doing what I love : Travel!
This is a huge step in a direction I want to be going in. I still have three already planned trips this year and I am trying to tack on a fourth, while  thinking ahead to next year. What is in store for me? I am not certain what will happen but I know it will be amazing.
I know other people have done the same thing. Any words of encouragement? Ideas?


  • Sounds like you’ll be doing your body and mind a favor. Go for it girl!
    You’ll prosper in other ways now. All the best on this post-service industry adventure.

  • We’re going to miss you but you have to do what’s good and right for you. I cant wait to read all you have to say! Love you Tee!

  • Congrats – I too understand but mine is my home and family life – trying to balance a blog and every thing else is hard work – Good uck !

  • Congratulations Tianna! That’s really brave of you and absolutely a step in the right direction for where you want your career to go 🙂

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