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2016: Year End Review

2016 was really good to me but is ending on a sad note. This was the first year I really thought I might be able to become a digital nomad. A goal that until a two years ago I didn’t think was possible for me. Continue reading 2016: Year End Review

5 Perfect Places for Solo Travellers

I have never had a guest poster before. I was approached by Holiday Lettings to put an post up that I felt fit my readership. I was excited to try something different and this article is perfect for my new found love of solo travel!

Hope you enjoy it. Continue reading 5 Perfect Places for Solo Travellers

Tips: Solo or Partner Travel?

This week I am headed to London to hang out with some friends and it got me to thinking.

I have started to really enjoy traveling alone. I spent most of my youth travelling with my best friend. Bouncing around from city to city getting on each others nerves and laughing at things only the two of us would think was funny ( sexy priest calendars in Italy, the abundance of mannequin stores in Istanbul, the amount of dogs in Egypt, you get the point) Continue reading Tips: Solo or Partner Travel?