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2016: Year End Review

2016 was really good to me but is ending on a sad note. This was the first year I really thought I might be able to become a digital nomad. A goal that until a two years ago I didn’t think was possible for me. Continue reading 2016: Year End Review

Kattegattleden: Bike Highway of Sweden

I have recently fell in love with cycling. I started riding my bike to work. Granted I only live 2 miles from work but it is a great way to get exercise and use of my bike. I am also lucky I live on Long Island and am surrounded by tons of great bike paths. Continue reading Kattegattleden: Bike Highway of Sweden

2 Days in Stockholm’s Archipelago

There are so many islands to choose from in Stockholm’s archipelago. You would have to spend month’s there to see them all. I was lucky enough to spend a couple days exploring two of them. Nasslingen and Roslagen. Indulging in delicious food, sweating in saunas and learning all about the military history of the area. Continue reading 2 Days in Stockholm’s Archipelago