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7 Favorite Things About Portland

I am so backed up on Thailand posts that I forgot all about the posts I wanted to do about Portland. I love doing my round up posts on my favorite things about each city I go to.

I loved everything about Portland. It was the first time I went to another city in the US and thought ” I could live here forever”. Unfortunately I have fastened roots to NY. Don’t get me wrong I love living on Long Island. It is the best of everything, the beach, the city, suburbia…but Portland is such a cool city. Continue reading 7 Favorite Things About Portland

Sapa Trekking

Hiking is not my strong point. As of late with my myriad of physical issues it can prove to be quite difficult. However I always want to do it. Even if it is not in my best interest. I have wised up. Starting bringing better sneakers ( sorry converse) and pacing myself. Continue reading Sapa Trekking