Sustainable Iceland

With all the problems environmental protection is facing in the United States, Iceland is a breathe of fresh air.

Quite literally. The air is super crisp and fresh

How do they power their cities?

On my first day in Reykjavick I took a walking tour. I found out that Iceland uses no gas or oil for electricity.  Their power is all hydro or wind. In fact they have so much geothermal energy they have barely needed to use wind power yet. They have a lot of that as well. The geothermal hole currently being used to power Iceland could last at least another 50 years. Then they can simply make a hole next to the last one and use that for at least 50 years. Talk about sustainable energy.


Frighteningly enough there are parts of the United States that do not recycle AT ALL! Thankfully in New York you could get fined if you are caught throwing out recyclables. In my county they even started charging for the use of plastic bags. Plastic takes so long to disappear it is so important to use less of it.

Every where I walk around all garbage is separated into multiple types of recyclables. It is so amazing to see. Each section has photos and a description of what goes inside so there is no confusing what goes where. What an easy and efficient way to limit garbage.

Not to mention almost all packaging I have seen has been recyclable.

Hosteling International 

I have stayed at HI’s before. I had the pleasure of staying with them when I was in Austin, Texas. I jumped at the chance to stay with them again. Mostly because of their mantra on the environment but also because they are clean and fun.

They have friendly reminders to shut off lights and water. Save the planet one drop or switch at a time. All of their toilet paper and towels are used from recycled products. It is all the little touches that makes this such a great place to stay.

We need more places to care this much about the environment.

Being in Iceland makes me want to try even harder to sustain a better carbon foot print.

If you are interested in staying at an HI hostel they have them all over the world and all over Iceland. There are three locations in Reykjavick alone! Check them out here!


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