New Orleans Quirkiest Hostel

Have you ever been to a hippie commune? I have not but I picture it as a bunch of young, happy bohemians chatting and playing music around a fire. Does that sound about right?

Setting foot in India House Hostel felt just like this. Minus the fire and the singing. The hostel itself takes up about half of the block. After Hurricane Katrina they continued to expand and can now fit 180 people in the hostel. However you would never realize that many people were there. The buildings are spaced out and the rooms are, well, roomy.


The main building looks is a bright yellow, french style home. Billowing flags help you recognize where you need to go. The sitting rooms have funky, long couches for you to watch TV, socialize or relax on. There is a large in door kitchen for you to cook on or an outdoor kitchen where they will prepare breakfast or lunch for you at super cheap prices. Generally $5 for a dinner plate. The specials change every night and its a great way to save some money when on the road.

Since I was going to be on the road for a month it was a great option for me.


If you are looking to meet people, this is a great place to do it. It is a very social hostel. A lot of space to hang out and meet new people. Every night before heading down to Bourbon Street I would sit out on the back patio and it was filled with people from all over the world. Drinking, talking and laughing.

There is even a pool! How many hostels have pools? None I have been to.


The location was perfect as well. The tram was on the corner of the block and ran right to Bourbon Street along with many other main points.  The neighborhood was quiet and safe. Unfortunately in New Orleans you need to worry about that.

I was on a month long trip during my stay at India House Hostel and did not do too much planning. I figured I would go with the flow and find interesting things in each city as I went. Lucky for me there was a board with suggestions of local tours along with Plantation and swamp tours. It was great ideas for travelers who were not too sure of what was around New Orleans.


As far as hostels go it may be the best one I have ever stayed in.

I want to thank India House Hostel for hosting me while I explored the city of New Orleans. If you want to stay here check out their website here and book your stay today, you won’t regret it.

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