Elephant Tattoos in Capetown

Sometimes when I travel I feel like I am having life defining moments. I can feel things changing inside of me and also in the world. I went to Capetown just before major bombshells were dropped in my life and now I can see how much certain things meant.


Let me start with the Renaissance Faire in August. I got a tarot card reading for the first time in my life and the women told me I was with the wrong person. She said I wasn’t living my life properly and I needed to change who I was with.

She was partially right. I was with someone whom I loved very much but who did not want the same life as I did. It is hard to let things go. It is even harder to know when it is the right time to let things go. Turned out I wasn’t going to be the one who made that decision.


In November I headed to Capetown. Just after the election and to say I was ( and still am) not feeling hopeful about the course in which America seems to be on right now would be an understatement, Every Uber driver in Capetown seemed to share my feelings. As soon as anyone found out we were Americans all they wanted to talk about was Donald Trump.

One guy told me that he watched our election and he was scared because ” what happens in America echos across the world” Which I know is true but it is a scary and sobering thing to say. Sometimes I even underestimate the role my country plays in the world.



A few days into our trip we did a walking tour of Langa, the first black township under apartheid. Our guide was a cheerful man who spoke energetically about life in the townships when suddenly he stopped and said ” I am really sorry. I don’t usually do this but I am getting a really strong reading off of you and I need to tell you what I am seeing”

It took me a second to even realize he was speaking to me but he told me that he saw that I was a leader and that people looked to me for guidance and help. He said I was strong but that something big was going to happen in the near future. He said he saw that the person was being represented by elephants. He told me that readings don’t have obvious answers it is just pictures that represent things. I wasn’t sure what that all meant until much later.


On the way home I had an emotional and moving conversation with my Uber driver. As all my friends were chatting in the back my driver was telling me how he lived in the church in this township for 18 years. I asked why and he proceeded to tell me that his entire family ( 9 siblings and both parents) aside from one sister whom he escaped with, were killed in front of him during the Rwandan genocide.

He told me they escaped because they were fast and smart. An Australian pastor found them and drove them to Capetown. They lived with him for 18 years.

Now he is a mechanical engineer who drives Uber for extra cash. He also told me that last year, thru Facebook, they found that another one of his sisters had managed to escape and she was alive. They would be reunited at Christmas for the first time in nearly 20 years.

I was stunned by his ability to share this story so easily with me. He spoke about it with no anger or even sadness just matter of fact. He seemed remarkable to me.

How amazing is it to be able to become a tourist in someones life momentarily. To see the best or worst of humanity and how people survive.


Turns out the elephant represented my best friend and the second bombshell I was going to get dropped on me. What happened isn’t as important as the fact that he saw it. He saw the pictures around me because it was so big he could read it. Probably because it was happening at that very moment oceans away.

He told me my next tattoo should be an elephant. That I should get it on my right leg, facing out, with the trunk up. When his prophesies seemed to come true I decided that was exactly what I did. I feel like he saw something and maybe I should follow his words. Maybe they will propel me into my future and I will continue becoming exactly who I am supposed to be if I follow his words.

Do you believe in psychics? Have you ever had a moment like this?

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