Distilleries, Wineries and Breweries of Queens

Queens is the most culturally diverse county in the world. I live about 30 minutes from there and rarely ever spend time in any of the neighborhoods. I recently watched the Anthony Bourdain special on it and was once again reminded why I am so lucky to live in New York. It also gave me the rare feeling of American pride. Sometimes we do get it right.

Maybe when you think about visiting the boroughs you don’t associate it with good beer or wine. You might not even realize that Queens has its own wineries. There are micro brewers every where now and it doesn’t escape New York either.

I was invited out for a night of drinking by Urban Adventures. I have been lucky enough to join them on a few tours and they are always offering up new and exciting ways to explore Manhattan and the outlying areas. They try to see beyond what you normally see and find things you never knew you were missing,


I particularly love trying new beers. I am always trying to hit up breweries on Long Island and get excited with out ever expanding choices.

Our night started in Fifth Hammer Brewing. Not even open to the public yet, this ware house was completely redone so the brewing can take place on premise. Fifth Hammer is located super close off the LIE so it is easy access. There is a lot of parking in the area and it has so many cute restaurants within walking distance.

We walked to our second brewery which was less than a 5 minute walk from Fifth Hammer. Making the Long Island City beer trail quite an easy task to endure.

The second brewery was Rockaway Brewing. They have been around for a while and are finally opening up a location in the Rockaways. The tasting room has 10 selections to choose from. It is a small, quirky space.


The wine and cheese came to us. Red Hook Winery in Brooklyn sent down a wide variety of wines for us to choose from. We got to taste them all! I am partial to red wine and really liked the Merlot. They told us about how badly damaged everything got during Hurricane Sandy and how hard it was to rebuild from scratch.

Stinky Brooklyn also dropped off a cheese plate for us! Which was welcomed by me. The way to my heart is generally thru my stomach.


I know nothing about these 3. I never drink any of them but it was really interesting listening to Daric Schlesselman talk so passionately about Van Brunt Stillhouse. He was inspired to make his own unique flavored spirits and gave up an already established career to pursue his dream. I am always inspired by people who do this. It is scary and exhilarating to really go after something you love.

I really loved my evening getting to know Long Island City and Queens a little more. I can’t wait to get back our there to try even more beers, wine and whiskey!

I want to thank Urban Adventures for hosting me. If you are coming to New York or even just want to explore a little more of your own city(state) check them out here.


  • I live in NY and it’s already great to explore new local spots. I’ve been to Van Brunt Stillhouse and had a great tour there. Definitely would love to try the new craft breweries in LIC soon!

  • What a great opportunity. I love culinary tours. And I’d love to do some wine tasting soon again. You can be proud of all your micro breweries. I experienced that in Canada as well and really it!

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