Coffee: where you cant find a decent cup

Over the years I have learned to live with out a lot while traveling.Sometimes when you are in a foreign land you have to deal with the fact that things just wont be the same as home. The Rolling Stones were right when they said “You can’t always get what you want.”

What do I want when I travel? What is the one thing I can not live without when I am away whether it be home or abroad? Coffee.

That’s right, it is the one thing I will complain about not being able to get my hands on no matter where I am. It may seem kinda weird but there are places that it is impossible to find a good cup of coffee and for me that is inexcusable.

We all know the best places to get a cup of coffee. Who hasn’t heard of Italian espresso or Colombian dark? Where are the worst places to go if you love coffee? I will gladly give you a list.

1) I go to Disney World every year and last time I checked it is in America.

How come I can’t get a decent cup of coffee? All over this country are hundreds and thousands of Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks, why can’t Disney put in a few on there property? I know they can afford it. All they have is instant coffee, Nescafe. I hate instant coffee it gives me a stomach ache and tastes like metal. I beg Disney to try to put in a few good coffee shops and replace their cafeteria coffee with something other then Nescafe.



2) India has some of the best food I have ever tasted.

I ate my way through the country and never wanted to leave. The flavors were like any other I had and I could not get enough. However every morning I would yearn for a good cup of coffee and I would get instant grinds in a cup that I would have to add hot water to. Every morning I would give it another try and be disappointed. I tried it in several different places when we would eat lunch because I love a cup of coffee in the afternoon and still the same. There is no cafe culture in India. I guess this is why coffee is not important to them. However while driving along any road or highway in India you will see little Chai shops.

Usually old men sitting on the sides of the road in make shift shops while gladly make you a cup of chai tea. I stopped at several of these little “shops”. Every time the man did not speak English but he would smile and make me the best cup of tea I ever had. For this I can forgive India for not having a single good cup of coffee. I don’t believe I will ever find a better cup of tea.

3) Greece has some of the best views I have ever seen.



The sun rising over Santorini and the blue and white houses of Mykonos are the sights dreams are made of. The food was delicious! One of my first days in Santorini I had dinner at a beach side cafe that served me an array of dips. Hummus, tahtziki, babaganoush and more. I was told their coffee is an acquired taste, not one that was easy for me to acquire. I love strong coffee. I pretty much drink my coffee black on a normal basis but I could not get into Greek coffee. I tried believe me but I could not get into it. Greek coffee is thick and looks a little like sludge. All the sugar and milk in the world can’t change that. Thanks for the beautiful beaches but you can keep you’re coffee.

I have gotten used to changing my coffee routine while traveling. I always love being out of my comfort zone. However I always look forward to a great cup of coffee when I head home.

What is the one thing you can’t live with out while traveling? Do you have something you really need?


  • Hii there!

    I can REALLY feel your pain. I love coffee! Ive been lucky so far and always found a decent coffee place.
    We have great coffee here in Austria so see you soon?

    Happy travels,

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