The Chronicles Begin

For those of you who don’t know me. My name is Tianna.SAM_0744

I have been working on another travel blog, which shall remain nameless, for about a year but only seriously for six months. Heading to conferences, meeting other bloggers, learning as much as I can about blogging and of course, seeing the world. I travel because I love learning about other cultures, seeing what else is out there and meeting new people. I write about it because I feel in some way I need to document all these wonderful things I get to experience. My hope is that even just one other person reads what I write and it inspires them to see the world. To know that you don’t need to have a lot of money to do these things just a lot of lust to wander. Something I am filled with. I never feel more alive, more intune with myself and the world around me then when I am on the road. It doesn’t matter where I am, cooking dinner with Brazilians in France, having a pint with a few Irishmen in London or smoking hookah with fellow travelers in Venice. What matters is I am getting to spend time doing what I love with people I would never stumbled upon, in countries I would never have explored, if I didn’t push myself out of my comfort zone. Now my comfort zone is being in places I have never been.


When things started to go south with the blog I was writing for I felt a bit dejected. I have been putting in so much time and effort to make something out of what I was doing. On top of working two jobs at home I also run the blog on my own. Which for anyone who knows anything about blogging, it is a full time job. I felt like maybe this was a sign I should start to be serious and just take the offer for a full time job and put behind my dreams of chasing the globe full time. After I snapped out of my pity party( table for one please!) with the help of my lovely boyfriend, we created this new site.

I am hoping to build it into something great. To share my experiences and hopefully hear about yours. 2014 was an amazing year. I went to 5 countries( 3 I had never been to before). I met some amazing people who continue to inspire me to write, travel and be weird (Steph from everysteph, Sara from thisgirlloves, Pedro from travelwithpedro,  David from thewalkabouter and Michele and Phil from veryhungryexplorer to name a few). I went to TBU and to the World Travel Market. I saw more concerts then I can remember.

2015 is already shaping up to be exciting. There are a few setbacks with starting over but I just might be ready for them. I already have a few destinations planned for the new year! I hope you follow me around the world and share with me what you are doing.

With that I give you my new venture :The Passport Chronicles!

Who knows what the new year will bring!

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