Cebu City Street Food

My favorite thing to do when I get to a city is eat. And eat some more and just when you think I am done, keep eating.

This is why food tours are so good to me. It allows me to do this with no judgement.

I was lucky enough to get invited out on a food tour by Backstreet Academy in Cebu City exploring their street food scene with some off the beaten path food experiences.

I can’t say I wasn’t hesitant when I found out that Backstreet Academy had all sorts of organs on the menu for me. But I did not want to seem like I wasn’t open to trying new things no matter how much they seemed unsavory.

First thing on my plate was fried intestine (Ginabot). Considered a popular item among the locals I figured I had to do it. It was chewy on the inside and crisp on the outside. Not as bad as I thought but not my favorite.

Next it was on to skewed pork and pork liver (Atay). I really love pork so I should probably enjoy all parts of it. The liver surprisingly just tasted like pork meat. The consistency is the same.

I skipped out on the fish soup. I don’t like fish. I have tried many times to enjoy it and spent a lot of time in Scandinavia this summer trying to like it but I just don’t. Figured I was trying enough new things.

After taking a pause with the fish soup I geared up to eat brains for the first time. This was my favorite food we tried. The brain (Tuslob Buwa) was salty and paired perfectly with the rice we used to scoop it up. The rice was cooked in bamboo so it would stick together to be used to scoop up the brains. We sat around a wok and ate communally with locals. I could not get enough! Who knew I would be a fan of brain.


Lechon is a famous local dish. It is fried pork belly.  We headed to a local mall that apparently served a really delicious recipe. Crispy on the outside, fatty on the inside. You eat it with your hands and you love it. A fan favorite for a reason. Served with bamboo wrapped rice and fresh mango.


What is your favorite Filipino dish? Mine is actually Sisiq! Not featured on the tour but a pretty wonderful hangover cure. Fried pig face and organs. Much more delicious then it sounds!


Check out Backstreet Academy here and all the wonderful tours they have to offer!

I would like to thank Backstreet Academy for hosting me and letting me experience a side of Cebu I may never have found without them.