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Cyprus: Last Minute Holiday Idea

Looking for last minute holiday ideas? We have some for you!

Cyprus is getting something of a reputation for being the place to travel if fun, excitement and the hint of occasional danger are your idea of a perfect last minute holiday. The island has a wide array of leisure activities and also has some more ‘extreme’ activities for the more daring visitors to try out. Hire a guide to show you around Cyprus and let him or her take you to the best places for your chosen activity. Continue reading Cyprus: Last Minute Holiday Idea

Kattegattleden: Bike Highway of Sweden

I have recently fell in love with cycling. I started riding my bike to work. Granted I only live 2 miles from work but it is a great way to get exercise and use of my bike. I am also lucky I live on Long Island and am surrounded by tons of great bike paths. Continue reading Kattegattleden: Bike Highway of Sweden

Why You Should go to Oslo, Norway

I read a post by a blogger, who shall remain nameless, about how awful Oslo was. I was intrigued as I was planning to go after TBEX Stockholm. The article was…atrocious. It was as if she had never been to a big city with varied groups of people. Regardless of how awful I thought the article was I also did not know what to expect when I arrived. Continue reading Why You Should go to Oslo, Norway

2 Days in Stockholm’s Archipelago

There are so many islands to choose from in Stockholm’s archipelago. You would have to spend month’s there to see them all. I was lucky enough to spend a couple days exploring two of them. Nasslingen and Roslagen. Indulging in delicious food, sweating in saunas and learning all about the military history of the area. Continue reading 2 Days in Stockholm’s Archipelago

Explore Monaco

What do you know about Monaco?

I certainly did not know much. I actually thought it was part of France, boy was I wrong. It is its own country. With its own culture and interesting quirks. Also it is remarkably hilly. I may have realized that if I knew anything about elevation levels but as it stands ,I do not.  The amount of stairs in this country is out of control. Continue reading Explore Monaco

Fountainebleau: Napolean’s Chateau

Paris is a magical city with much to see but today I would like to venture outside its walls with you. Past the city limits, far out to the forest! For many centuries ago Fontainebleau was the royal hunting lodge, that the great Emperor Napoleon fell in love with. Continue reading Fountainebleau: Napolean’s Chateau

5 Observations of France

You can never really understand a place until you set foot in it. Even then it takes time to explore and learn in order to really get a feel for a place. In my 2 weeks in France I saw only a small fraction of what it means to be French and live in France. Continue reading 5 Observations of France

A Few Things You May Not Know About Amsterdam

I know everyone goes to Amsterdam to indulge in naked women and Mary Jane but I love Amsterdam for many other reasons. Don’t get me wrong, I spent my time in the Red Light District. You can’t go to Amsterdam and not take a walk ( or two or three) around the well known area.

Continue reading A Few Things You May Not Know About Amsterdam