Beginning to Explore New York City

I have been to about 30 countries in about 12 years. I trek around the globe nearly four times a year for weeks at a time. I spend hours upon hours researching and planning trips. Reading the histories of countries far and near.

I realize I do not know my city very well at all. I have lived on Long Island in New York for half of my life. 45 minutes away from a city that people travel hundreds of miles and spent thousands of dollars to see. I could see it every day if I wanted. Yet I almost never go into the city to explore it. Of course I got to Manhattan for plays, concerts or out for people’s birthdays but I never go in to just go. I never go in to explore all the wonderful things this place has to offer.

Why am I so willing to travel so far to explore other cities yet disregard the one in my back yard? 

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I have been thinking about how people often take for granted the things they have and want the things they don’t.I try really hard to not be that kind of person. From traveling all over and seeing many different ways people live I feel I have become a  much more grateful person for all I get to have that many others don’t. I may not have a lot but I have way more then some. I have the opportunity to travel. Some people will never see the world. Sometimes because they don’t want to or because they waste their money on other things but some people don’t travel because they simply can’t. I remind myself how lucky I am all the time. The experiences I have had I take with me and use in my every day life. I have become a much more patient person and I attest that to travel. Here is a great article on how much travel can teach you about yourself by Young Adventuress.

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 With that being said I decided it was time for me to appreciate the travel I can do with out ever having to go very far. Why don’t I research New York City the way I would my upcoming trip to Turkey? I have begun this long and arduous task. I found a great article called “33 things every New Yorker must do this summer.” From that article I started a list of things that I probably should have done in NYC but never have. Can you believe I have never been to the Statue of Liberty? Or that I have not been to Central Park ( other then for a concert) in about 10 years?
What a waste!
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I have been missing out on all the districts that Manhattan has to offer.  I have a long list of things I must see around New York. Tons of day trips I have been missing out on. From now on I will take one day a week to explore New York City. I will become familiar with all it’s nooks and crannies. When people ask what they should see in Manhattan I will be able to make detailed lists and suggestions of must see things.
     I started travel writing in hopes to share the world with others and maybe, just maybe, inspire them to travel as well. To show people how with in reach the world can be and what a wonderful feeling it is to discover it. I see how much I have been missing.
Do you live near a big city and never travel to it? Have you been to Manhattan?

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