2016: Year End Review

2016 was really good to me but is ending on a sad note. This was the first year I really thought I might be able to become a digital nomad. A goal that until a two years ago I didn’t think was possible for me.

Now I am working in a field that makes it easy to travel and be location independent. I have spent longer periods of time on the road this year while still trying to maintain a home life.

So what did I do this year and where do I see myself next year?

Lets take a look back!

January 2016 started with me having This Girl Loves spend two weeks with me and we even made a trip to DC. Then spending some time in San Diego, CA for the first time. Catching up with old friends and relaxing while I planned an epic US road trip with my best friend.

After my best friend turned 30 at the end of March we hit the open road exploring almost 20 US states. She even continued on without me as I had to head back home for work. I spent a month driving around the country. It was my best trip to date. I can’t wait to drive the rest of the country. To date this was my favorite trip. Spending all that time with one of my favorite people while exploring this crazy big country was priceless.

In July I spent a few weeks exploring Scandinavia, attending TBEX, seeing old travel friends and making new ones. I biked up the Kattegattleden bike highway in southern Sweden. A beautiful and incredible way to see a country.  I spent time on my own in Norway and Denmark. I met someone who made me feel connected to another person in a way I hadn’t felt in a long time.

In October I went to The Philippines. It was not my best trip. A lot of what I had planned never happened. We got hit with one typhoon after another. Rendering it impossible to continue the hikes I had plans or make it to Segada to see the hanging coffins.

That’s ok. Sometimes you have a bad or frustrating trip. I still got to catch up with friends, party and see parts of a new country.

November brought about the coming apocalypse. Unfortunately Donald Trump was named the next president of the United States of America. Nothing is more saddening and frightening to me. I feel as though my country has let me down. We elected a man who is neither capable or knowledgeable enough to run a country and forsaken a women who could have made history and made a great president. America has taken a dark turn in my opinion. The rise of the Alt-right is paining to watch. History has been made with the election of Donald Trump just not the way I thought it would.

So i picked up my stuff and headed  to Capetown, South Africa. I spent nearly 2 weeks exploring the city with friends. There were some downfalls to travelling in a group as I am not used to it. There was a lot of waiting around for people to be ready and some arguing. Regardless I had one of the best trips.

My favorite part of travel, besides for the food, is the people. I managed to meet some incredible people on my past few trips. People who I hope are part of my life and other trips for years to come.

Now everything has changed. I have to move, sell my house and a person who has been with me for 6 years is leaving. I feel like it is the worst thing that could happen but that it also leaves me with this huge question mark I didn’t have before. Now I really am open to leave New York. The time is not this second but I soon will no longer be anchored to this country.

My heart is breaking and my life will be forever changed. I am helpless to stop it because there is nothing that can be done.

So I enter 2017 with a heavy heart, one that will need to spend some time healing. I am taking a travel break until March. I love being home for the holidays and I need to regroup.

Next year will bring new beginnings as a huge chapter of my life closes. I will go forth in the direction of my dreams. I will pursue them just as I always have but it will be different.

I will spend the next 2 months catching you up on my past few trips and all the must sees and dos

Happy New Year!


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