Looking for a Thai Massage?

Who doesn’t love getting a massage? I almost never get them when I am home because they are expensive. Not wanting to miss a chance I signed up for two different ones when choosing excursions for TBEX. It was great to see two totally different kinds of Thai massage experiences. Continue reading Looking for a Thai Massage?

Bar Hopping in Ratchaprosong, Bangkok

Bangkok is a really big city. The traffic can make it feel even bigger. Exploring a district can be daunting at times. The areas can be so crowded and it can become exhausting.

When I signed up for bar hopping in the Ratchaprosong district I was afraid of what it would be like to get around, however it could not have been easier. The Skytrain connects right into the giant shopping plaza. Sleek white walkways pave the way thru a relatively brand new shopping district. Filled with upscale shops, restaurants, hotels and of course bars. A far cry from my nights spent wandering Koh Sahn Road.

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Beyond Broadway : Walking Tour

I try to spend most weekends trapzing around NYC. Sometimes I hear about things I want to explore and sometimes I happen upon them by accident. I got offered a spot on Urban Adventures Beyond Broadway tour. Continue reading Beyond Broadway : Walking Tour

Review: Ramada Phuket Deevana

Rarely do I get to stay at really nice places. It just is not in my travel budget. Since I generally travel quite a few times a year I try to watch what I spend and make the most of my dollar. I was ecstatic when TBEX offered complimentary hotel stay all over Thailand after the conference. Continue reading Review: Ramada Phuket Deevana