Fountainebleau: Napolean’s Chateau

Paris is a magical city with much to see but today I would like to venture outside its walls with you. Past the city limits, far out to the forest! For many centuries ago Fontainebleau was the royal hunting lodge, that the great Emperor Napoleon fell in love with. Continue reading Fountainebleau: Napolean’s Chateau

Sapa Trekking

Hiking is not my strong point. As of late with my myriad of physical issues it can prove to be quite difficult. However I always want to do it. Even if it is not in my best interest. I have wised up. Starting bringing better sneakers ( sorry converse) and pacing myself. Continue reading Sapa Trekking

5 Observations of France

You can never really understand a place until you set foot in it. Even then it takes time to explore and learn in order to really get a feel for a place. In my 2 weeks in France I saw only a small fraction of what it means to be French and live in France. Continue reading 5 Observations of France

Discovering Ankor Wat

My introduction to Cambodia was passing through a dusty border patrol. With my bag on my back and the sun beating down I walked into the very small old office to get my passport stamped. With barely a look they stamped me and I headed back out into the humidity to find my bus. Continue reading Discovering Ankor Wat