War and Travel

The world is not as dangerous as you think.

Of course if you watch the news you might believe otherwise. I try not to pay too much attention to the media when it comes to ,well, pretty much ¬†anything. Most places are not nearly as scary as they try to make it out to be. It wasn’t until my recent trip to Turkey that I really started to think about how war or conflicts can effect travel and the way countries are perceived. Continue reading War and Travel

Resort Living in Mexico

In honor of my return to Mexico last week.

I have always said I dislike staying on resorts. I think it is the worst way to see a country. I also get that a lot of people aren’t going to Mexico for the culture but for the beaches. Inclusive resorts are great for that. All your needs and met right there and you don’t have to leave for any reason (unless of course you want to) Otherwise all you can eat and drink is met with pools, beaches and daily activities. Continue reading Resort Living in Mexico

Advice: How to Pack for Your Trip

If you’re going to Europe or anywhere for that matter. One of the cheapest and best ways to do it is to backpack. You live a little less luxuriously but when you want to see all the world has to offer spending untold amounts on hotel rooms doesn’t seem worth it. I mean how much time are you planning on spending in your hotel room when you fly all the way over to Italy? Not much I hope. Continue reading Advice: How to Pack for Your Trip

Old Westbury Gardens from Flowers to Pumpkins

For years I have lived about 20 minutes from one of the most visited sights on Long Island and never went.The Old westbury Gardens are visited by thousands of people a year. ¬†Every year I say this is the year. Then guess what happens? I don’t go. Continue reading Old Westbury Gardens from Flowers to Pumpkins