The Best of the French Quarter

Obviously the French Quarter is known for Bourbon Street. Besides Hurricane’s ( the drink that is) and heaps of multi colored beads there are lot of reason’s to head down to the famed area. These are my suggestions for exploring the French Quarter. Continue reading The Best of the French Quarter

Stretching Your Budget

Traditionally, the notion of a three-week cruise around The Caribbean or through the Mediterranean was the preserve of the wealthy but in recent years the popularity of cruises has rocketed, some ten million people embarked upon a cruise over the last year throughout the world. This remarkable upsurge in popularity is due in part to the availability of affordable cruises increasing and the ease with which can be now be done online. Budget cruises are possible to find. Continue reading Stretching Your Budget

How to Spend 36 Hours in Denver

Denver is the biggest city in Colorado. It has a population of about 500k. I rolled into “The Mile High City” in the late afternoon on a Friday and had until Sunday morning to explore the city. How do you roll it all into barely 36 hours? I am here to help you. Continue reading How to Spend 36 Hours in Denver

Capeside, MA or Tree Hill, NC: You Decide

I wish I would have taken a road trip down to Wilmington, North Carolina back when I graduated from high school. It would have been the “Dawson’s Creek” mecca I had always dreamed it would be. It is mostly devoted to “One Tree Hill” now but whispers of my favorite WB drama still exist if you know where to look. Continue reading Capeside, MA or Tree Hill, NC: You Decide

Austin Detours

By the time I reached Austin, Texas we had been on the road for nearly two weeks. Spending a lot of time in a car getting from one destination to another we decided we would try to walk most days we were exploring cities. Turns out Austin is not so easy to see by foot. A lot of the big things to see are far apart from each other. Continue reading Austin Detours

Top 5 things about Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico was a price shock after spending a few weeks in Thailand. The economy is in turmoil and the people are suffering. The inflation is high and poverty is following behind it. They are in a hole they can’t dig themselves out of alone. This is why you should go spend your money in Puerto Rico. Tourism can really help the economy of a country. Continue reading Top 5 things about Puerto Rico

New York City: Tea and the Highline

I try to come up with fun little day trips into New York City, As close as it is, it can get hard to find the time to spend a day in the city, As the weather gets warmer it gets more inspiring. Just a few months ago I went down to Chelsea to spend the day. Continue reading New York City: Tea and the Highline

A Day in Washington,DC

How does one decide what to do when you are in Washington,DC? The amount of museums that are there alone are over whelming. Not to mention all the monuments you might want to see and cupcakes you might want to eat. Continue reading A Day in Washington,DC