Top 5 things about Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico was a price shock after spending a few weeks in Thailand. The economy is in turmoil and the people are suffering. The inflation is high and poverty is following behind it. They are in a hole they can’t dig themselves out of alone. This is why you should go spend your money in Puerto Rico. Tourism can really help the economy of a country. Continue reading Top 5 things about Puerto Rico

New York City: Tea and the Highline

I try to come up with fun little day trips into New York City, As close as it is, it can get hard to find the time to spend a day in the city, As the weather gets warmer it gets more inspiring. Just a few months ago I went down to Chelsea to spend the day. Continue reading New York City: Tea and the Highline

A Day in Washington,DC

How does one decide what to do when you are in Washington,DC? The amount of museums that are there alone are over whelming. Not to mention all the monuments you might want to see and cupcakes you might want to eat. Continue reading A Day in Washington,DC

Top 7 Favorite Things About Bangkok

Bangkok can be a hard city to get your bearings in. For the first few days I was a bit over whelmed. Once my sensory overload was under wraps I was able to enjoy Bangkok and all its chaos. Continue reading Top 7 Favorite Things About Bangkok

Airline Frequent Flyer Problems

I consider myself a bit of a frequent flyer. I am in an airport somewhere around 8 times a year, which is more than most people but less than some.

I now expect certain things from an airline, especially when I am traveling internationally. I have flown on some pretty great airlines and some pretty bad ones like this blog discusses. Continue reading Airline Frequent Flyer Problems

Why You Can Skip Phuket

When you only have two weeks in a place you really want to try to make the most of it. Honestly I chose Phuket because I knew it. I had heard of it before and I knew I did not have a lot of time.

Phuket is a  Thai island a little over an hour flight away from BKK. It is a miserable place to be. Continue reading Why You Can Skip Phuket

Flavors of San Juan

Food is my favorite part of any trip. I willingly eat my way thru any country I am in.

Puerto Rico proved to be a great eating vacation and it all started with a food tour of Old San Juan.

Flavors of San Juan Food and Culture Tours invited me along  on a beautiful sunny day in December for some culinary magic. Continue reading Flavors of San Juan

7 Favorite Things About Portland

I am so backed up on Thailand posts that I forgot all about the posts I wanted to do about Portland. I love doing my round up posts on my favorite things about each city I go to.

I loved everything about Portland. It was the first time I went to another city in the US and thought ” I could live here forever”. Unfortunately I have fastened roots to NY. Don’t get me wrong I love living on Long Island. It is the best of everything, the beach, the city, suburbia…but Portland is such a cool city. Continue reading 7 Favorite Things About Portland